RETSCREEN ® is a registered trademark of the Minister of Natural Resources Canada

About RETScreen

“The RETScreen ® Clean Energy Project Analysis Software is a unique decision support tool developed with the contribution of numerous experts from government, industry, and academia. The software, provided free-of-charge, can be used worldwide to evaluate the energy production and savings, costs, emission reductions, financial viability and risk for various types of Renewable-energy and Energy-efficient Technologies (RETs). The software (available in multiple languages) also includes product, project, hydrology and climate databases, a detailed user manual, and a case study based college/university-level training course, including an engineering e-textbook.” (RETScreen International, 2010;

The TEA and RETScreen

The TEA is involved in the completion of a wide range of analysis and project development in relation to energy projects.  To complete this work effectively it is necessary to be able to quickly and efficiently complete an analysis on the viability of various options.  The use of RETScreen® has been a vital tool in the completion of this work as it provides a fast effective means of complete analysis.  In addition, it has sufficient complexity built into the model to allow the TEA complete details analysis also.  Examples of how RETScreen® has been used by the TEA include

  • Analysis of site viability for the development of a community wind project (4MW).  This project is currently at tender stage for construction and will be developed by mid 2011
  • Analysis of biomass district heating for eco-village.  TEA commissioned research, which used RETScreen®, to assess the viability of installing biomass (wood chip) district heating in the eco-village in Cloughjordan.  This has now been installed (1MW) and is operational.  See or for more information.  Subsequently RETScreen® has been used to determine the viability of installing two more biomass district heating systems in North Tipperary
  • Energy efficiency upgrades of Tipperary Institute: The potential viability and impact of upgrades to a large public building were assessed using RETScreen®. . Upgrades which have subsequently been implemented include insulation, lighting controls and building energy management systems

TEA also uses RETScreen®as a quick check for potential project developers to see if their site is viable for a particular technology.  For example, using the SEI Wind Atlas the TEA can give a potential client an analysis of the potential for the development of a wind project within 30 mins of initial contact.

RETScreen Training

Since the TEA believes in the RETScreen® tool is has been developing a range of training programmes to build up skills and knowledge about RETScreen® in Ireland.  Details of the training are available via the links on the left.
TEA also works with Tipperary Institute to integrate RETScreen® training into existing programmes. RETScreen® is already used in the TI Certificate in Renewable Energy Development and Certificate in Domestic Sustainable Energy.  Additional training is being developed and integrated into further TI educational programme.

Download and install RETScreen® here